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Lauren Frisina's Online Portfolio Copy
My Philosophy of Education



            Teaching as a profession is complex. The beliefs that you hold about teaching come from within and when you exercise those beliefs you will be more successful as a teacher. I think it is the commitment to your own beliefs that drive your passion to teach. Many facets of education need to be considered in order to be successful in the classroom. One needs to consider classroom management, curriculum, assessment, collaboration, parent involvement, and most importantly, the students. Everything one does in the classroom revolves around the needs of the students. You need to take an active role in shaping them as successful individuals and have a genuine interest in their future. To ensure that the students needs are met, it is important to know them on a number of levels.

            As all the students in a classroom are unique, so are their learning styles. By knowing their learning styles, teachers can differentiate the curriculum to ensure that students are being pushed to their highest potential and are successful in the classroom. It is our responsibility as teachers to make sure that students are given these opportunities to feel successful in the classroom. I believe that I will feel my own sense of success when my students are succeeding..

I truly believe that teaching is one of the most noble professions. To have the opportunity to make learning meaningful for the students is a gift. To do so, you must design innovative lessons while using new techniques that challenge the students. Students should be assessed in a variety of ways that cater to their learning styles and multiple intelligences. As teachers, we also need to be assessing ourselves in the classroom. There is always room for growth as a student and as a teacher.

The beliefs that I hold have guided me to where I am today. I know that they will continue to guide me throughout my career in education. I look forward to what lies ahead and I know that my commitment and passion for teaching will guide me to success in the future. 

T  ake the initiative to go to any length

       possible to reach all learners.


E  xcite the children with learning by

       using a variety of ways to teach.


A  ccomplish all goals that have been set

        in order to be the best possible



C  are about each child and always put

        their feelings first before anything



H  elp the students realize they can  
        reach their fullest potential if their
        mind is set positively