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Lauren Frisina's Online Portfolio Copy
Letters of Recommendation


Dr. Linda Davey, Asst. Chairperson of ELED dept. at Hofstra University

Student Teaching, 1st Grade Inclusion Classroom

Student Teaching, 4th Grade Inclusion Classroom

Letters of recommendation from Professors and Supervisors

Brentwood, NY - 2nd grade

Hewlette-Woodmere, NY - Kindergarten

What is the teacher?
A guide, not a guard.
What is Learning?
A journey, not a destination.
What is discovery?
Questioning the answers,
not answering the questions.
What is the process?
Discovering ideas, not covering content.
What is the goal?
Open minds, not closed issues.
What is the test?
Being and becoming,
not remembering and reviewing.
What is school?
Whatever we choose to make it.
By Alan Glatthorn